Ballanta Academy of Music & Performing Arts

Meet Our Tutors

Dr. Kitty Fadlu-Deen

Dr. Fadlu-Deen’s passion for music learning combined with her zest for impacting music education launched her dream of setting up the Academy with c-founder Logie Wright, in collaboration with other like-minded personalities. She teaches piano, voice and theory of music. She also supervises and oversees the efficient and effective running of the academy. She is the ‘mother’ of the academy.

Mr. Lovelace Love Harding

Mr. Leslie Cummings-Wray

Senior Teacher | Guitar | Keyboard | Saxophone | Music Theory

Mr. Leslie Cummings-Wray is a Senior Teacher at the academy with a wealth of years of experience and professional service. He teaches guitar, keyboard, saxophone, and also theory of music for various levels. He is also a member of Groovy Colours, which is the academy’s premier live-performing band.

Mr. Christopher James

Teacher | Piano | Singing | Keyboard | Organ | Music Theory

Mr. Christopher James teaches piano, singing, keyboard, and the organ ranging from beginners to advanced levels. Mr. James is also a keyboardist of Groovy Colours, which is the academy’s premier live-performing band.

Mr. Musa Ganda

Teacher | Brass | Violin | Music Theory

Mr. Ganda specialises and teaches brass instruments, and also music theory. Mr. Ganda is also a trombonist in Five Star Brass Ensemble. He doubles also as a sound engineer with Groovy Colours and director of Junior Brass.

Mr. Michael Kamara

Teacher | Drums | Music Theory

Mr. Michael Kamara teaches drums and music theory. He is the Finance clerk at the Academy. He is also the lead drummer of Groovy Colours, and coordinator of One Sound Band.

Mr. David S. Koroma

Teacher | Piano | Singing | Keyboard

Mr. David S. Koroma (aka Double King) teaches piano, singing and keyboard ranging from different styles and genres. He is a Vocalist and Music Director at Groovy Colors and also one of the keyboardists of the band and further doubles as coordinator of One Sound Band.

Mr. Egerton Maitland

Teacher | Dance

Mr. Maitland teaches choreography at the academy and he is also Director of Ballanta Dancers, which is the academy’s premier dance group.

Mrs. Isha Bull

Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Bull is the administrative assistant of the academy and she handles registration, schedules, timetables and other correspondence for the running of the academy.